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Work in IT: The 10 Most in-demand tech jobs in Santander

13/05/20 7 min. read

If you are looking for a job in IT this post will be of great help. In Santander we are constantly evolving our technology, incorporating people like you to our team, who are always bugging with your computer and trying new things, self-training in a thousand and one technologies that call your attention and you want to know and share.

If you want to be part of a team that participates in cool projects, that tests your initiative and creativity… Why don’t you take a look?

If you want to work in IT, these are the most demanded profiles in Santander:

Agile / Scrum Master ?

All teams are evolving and transforming to the Agile model. The Scrum Master (or project facilitator) is the person who leads the teams in agile project management. His or her mission is to help Scrum teams achieve their goals up to the final Sprint.

Some of the main functions of the Scrum Master are:

  • Leads and ensures that the team understands the Scrum framework
  • Removes obstacles that may arise
  • He is the facilitator of the Scrum sessions
  • Guide the Product Owner in his tasks
  • Represents the multi-functional team

We recommend that you see this Agile Glossary and read this post if you want to know more about how we understand Agile in Santander.

APIs Developer/Architect ⚙️

The APIs are basic to be able to provide our services in the best way and at the speed required by the digital world. Therefore, both APIs developer and architect profiles are in high demand in our technology area.

As an API developer your mission will be to convert the technical and functional solutions, proposed by Solution Designers and Business Architects, to technical requirements and develop them, passing the necessary certifications until the release in production of the API.

The API architects are essential in this process as they are responsible for providing a clear focus according to the business objectives. Some of their functions are:

  • Providing strategic vision and ensuring that stakeholders agree with management and timing
  • Develops and communicates the plan that accompanies the strategy, and creates management support reports
  • It contributes to the development of standards and policies for the development of APIs.
  • Leads and implements all plans related to API development and management to meet business objectives.

Cloud Architect / Engineer ☁️

The Cloud fill a space in everyone’s life, or rather, the life of all of us fill a space in the Cloud ?

In Santander we work with public and private Cloud and as you can guess, some of our most indispensable IT roles are those of Cloud Engineer and Architect.

From a Cloud Architect we expect him to technically lead the Public Cloud strategy, providing support on how to design highly scalable, flexible, resilient, secure and cost effective architectures for Grupo Santander, that will allow them to migrate existing workloads to the cloud.

As a Cloud Engineer your main mission will be to help Santander entities migrate their information and services to the Cloud. To do this we will need you to help with the design, analyze the milestones of the project and recommend possible improvements to the system.

Data Architect / Developer  ♟

Data architects and developers are roles that normally work in “tandem” mode conceptualizing, visualizing and developing the company’s Data Framework.

As a Data Architect you will have to design and support the implementation of the data architecture to achieve the business objectives, facing different challenges, from the most technical aspects to data modeling and data governance.

As a Data Developer you will be responsible for developing data management components aligned with CTO policies. You will develop, test, scale and implement the components to deploy global financial products.


A DevOps Engineer is a professional profile expert in agile system administration and collaboration with operations and development teams. DevOps teams work with a wide variety of technologies and tools, code and scripts.

In Santander, as DevOps you will collaborate on DevOps projects from start to finish, contributing a complete vision in architecture, design, solution deployment, systems integration, automation, execution and support.

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Software Engineer ?

How could the software not be on this list! If you are a Software Engineer or you are specialized as a developer, both frontend and backend, at Grupo Santander we have a great team waiting for you.

As a SW Engineer you will interpret the solutions provided to transcribe them into the programming languages and parameters needed to generate the technical components integrated into the designed solutions. Some of the development solutions you will have to know are COBOL, Oracle, Elipse and/or ALM.

We are also looking for other profiles related to software development, such as Backend / Frontend Developers.

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Other positions in Technology ⚡️

As Technical Support Engineer your goal will be to set up, operate, monitor, troubleshot and perform preventive maintenance on the entire platform. You will set up and operate a production server in accordance with established procedures and guidelines.

As First Responder Middleware Technician you will to help build out, maintain, and troubleshoot our rapidly expanding PaaS and ALM environment based on a Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure.You will be part of a talented team that demonstrate superb technical competency, delivering mission critical infrastructure and ensuring the highest levels of availability, performance and security.

As FX Support Manager you will need to liaise with multiple stakeholders in various regions and in particular in the Santander Markets (i.e. UK, Spain, Latin America, US).

As a Database Oracle Exadata Engineering you will provide maintenance and operation of a specific production system and will be responsible for ensuring the level of service through research, control system assessments and design support.

The Santander Experience ?

Joining Santander is more than just getting a new job. It is living a whole experience, not only because you will be contributing with us to improve people’s lives, but you will have fun doing it and you will always be learning new things in a work environment that has less and less to do with a bank, and much more with a big technology company.

That is why we will soon launch our Be Tech! program where you will find new positions in the most demanded technologies. Be sure to follow us through our profiles in social networks: LinkedIn and Instagram. We are looking for you!

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