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Women in Tech, we Celebrated 11 February to Boost the Visibility of Women in Tech

15/02/23 4 min. read

👩‍💻 Women and Girls in Science Day was celebrated worldwide on 11 February, with the aim of promoting gender equality and the participation of women and girls in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths) careers. At Santander, we carry out several actions to boost the visibility of women in the technology team. 👇👇

How we build a more inclusive technology industry 🙌

Women in Tech reflects the commitment to building a more inclusive technology industry. The initiative is driven by the Santander Digital Services team in Spain, from where activities are organized throughout the year at national and global levels, including:

  • Actions to give visibility 👀 to female employees at all levels, through testimonials, interviews, or videos, which help us to break down gender stereotypes.
  • 📣 Promoting the creation of current references, through inspirational talks with women leaders in different areas, mentoring initiatives, and master classes in universities.
  • Motivating people to enter the world of technology 💪, shedding light on the projects and career opportunities offered by the technology sector, an industry that is growing exponentially.

Our learnings after celebrating Women and Girls in Science Day ✍️

More than 300 people have participated in the different activities we have carried out with female employees from different areas of technology.

Working in the STEM sector is the best opportunity we have to contribute to change, that every day is a challenge and a personal improvement, continuous learning, turning the impossible into tangible or being at the forefront of the vanguard, are some of the advantages that our women in tech highlight of working in technology in Santander.

Women in Tech live and #withoutfilter 🎥

The Women in Tech live and #withoutfilter talk was a success in which Ana, Amaya, Carmen, and Irene from our T&O team dismantled stereotypes with great messages and were full of energy in an entertaining round table discussion led by Ana from T&O HR.

We all came to the conclusion that technology teams build the future, so it is essential that there are as many women as men, and we encourage you to take the reins, to overcome the impostor syndrome, to recognize our own achievements to realize what we contribute and learn constantly.

“We all had the image of wanting to work at Google, and now Google is working with us,” said Ana San Juan, “and in Santander, technology projects are much more cutting-edge than you might think.

If you are interested in reading about Gravity, a Santander project marketed by Google, you can read the news here.

Workshop with ValPat 🕹

ValPat, a Youtube channel created by Valeria and Patricia to motivate girls and boys to study programming and robotics, has been recognized in Forbes Spain and they came to commemorate this day by participating in a “Thursday for sharing” of Santander Women’s Network.

From them, we learned that “being a geek is not bad when you understand that being a geek is having passion and enjoying doing what you like the most”.

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