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Women in Tech, Santander’s Initiative to Rebuild a More Equal Tech Industry

07/03/22 4 min. read

The increased participation of women in business and professional life contributes fundamentally to the development of society and therefore, gender diversity is one of the most valued assets.

But this does not mean that society’s stereotypes regarding gender diversity in the workplace have disappeared. Especially in the technology sector, where this gap is even wider. To date, only 23 of the 631 Nobel Prizes in science have gone to women. Less than 30% of scientific researchers in the world are women and in technology companies, the percentage is even lower, only 26% of the total are women, but in computer science, this figure is only 13% according to the latest UNESCO report.😕

💪 At Santander Global T&O, 31% of the professionals are women, Banco Santander leads the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index and is the Ibex 35 company with the highest female presence on its board of directors (40%).

Promoting Women in Tech, because technology has no gender

The Women In Tech (WiT) initiative is part of the Be Tech! with Santander hiring plan, driven by our Technology and Operations team at Banco Santander. Women in Tech was created to break stereotypes, fight for diversity and gender inclusion in the technology industry, ensure women’s access to management positions and create references for future generations.

One of the keys to the success of this initiative is the support of top T&O executives such as Cristina Álvarez, Global Head of T&O in Santander Spain and Europe, Elisabet Pinilla, Global Head of Transformation & IT Delivery, and Ana Alamillo and Mercedes Climent, Human Resources Directors of the T&O and Santander Global T&O teams respectively, among others. In addition to being a great support to this initiative, they are already women of reference. 🙌

Women in Tech 2022: initiatives

Women in Tech started in November 2020 and since then it hasn’t stopped growing, these are the most relevant initiatives we have already developed in 2022:

We celebrated the International Womens Day 💜

By joining this year’s “Break the Bias” movement and holding a series of internal events for all our employees.

🧬 International Day of Women and Girls in Science

To celebrate this day, we organized throughout the week several events; inspiring talks with women leaders in the tech world, live on Instagram with Veronica Moreno (@Veritechie), influencer and programming expert….

Día de la Mujer y la Niña en la Ciencia

FemHack 💻

Last January, we participated as sponsors of the first international hackathon for women programmers organized by Nuwe.io. In addition, our colleague Cristina San José, Global Head of Models & Data Unit and Chief Data Officer participated as a speaker along with other women leaders in the world of technology.

👉👉👉 Want to see everything we did last 2021? 😱

This year has only just begun, and we are already planning more things, among them, the 2nd WiT Summit, with lots of news, more speakers and partners. 🥳

In Santander, we will continue working to make female talent visible, break stereotypes, fight for an egalitarian technology sector, and inspire future generations to study and work in whatever they want regardless of the sector.

Santander Global T&O is a global company of Santander Group with more than 3,000 employees and based in Madrid, we work to make Santander an open platform for financial services.

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