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Women in Tech in Santander, because technology has no gender

14/10/21 4 min. read

In an increasingly technological world, the role of women in the sector is much lower than we would like. Only 17% of all professionals in the technology industry are women.

At Santander, we work hard every day to ensure that this does not continue to happen. Through initiatives such as Women in Tech, which is part of our Be Tech! with Santander hiring plan, we seek to break stereotypes by fighting for diversity, inclusion and gender equality in the workplace, especially in the technology industry.

What is our goal?

✅ First, we aim for gender equality in the technology sector, as this is where the gender gap is the highest. Also, to overcome any gender prejudice in the teams and ensure women’s access to management positions.

To achieve all this, we have the support of T&O executives such as Cristina Álvarez, Global CTO, Elisabet Pinilla, IT Delivery & Transformation, Charo Vacas, Executive VP T&O and Mercedes Climent, Head HR SGT. In addition to finding support in them, they serve as an example and reference for the rest of the women.

What we do in the Women in Tech initiative

At Santander, we defend gender diversity and work every day to be an example of inclusion and break stereotypes in the world of technology. Where we exceed the average percentage of employment of women in the technology industry market.

A year ago we launched Women in Tech and since then we grow this initiative with actions such as:

  1. Dialogues to inspire with Banco Santander’s leading women in the world of technology, together with IMMUNE Institute.
  2. Diversity diagnostic initiatives in the Technology and Operations area of Grupo Santander through in-depth interviews and focus groups with our female colleagues.
  3. We celebrate special events such as Women and Girls in Science Week and Women’s Week, filled with content to inspire and combat any barriers or prejudices that exist.
  4. Interviews with T&O employees and videos to present women leaders in the technology sector in order to provide visibility and help break gender stereotypes J.
  5. WiT 1st Summit. Next November 16th, together with MongoDB, we are organizing our first Summit where we will count with great women referents of the technological industry, who will tell us their experience and will serve as inspiration for the next generations.
Dialogues to inspire, Women in Tech
Cibersecurity dialogues to inspire with IMMUNE

How we are seen from inside

Raquel Rodríguez, Junior Developer who, to the question: – “What advice can you give us to continue advancing in the development of female technological talent?” she answered the following: – “Keep promoting it as you do, I think the most important thing is to give visibility to the female talent that we already have right now, to be seen, to be reflected as much as possible and to show the equality that already exists in some aspects to show that it can be achieved in others that we still have pending to achieve”.

? We will continue to work to reduce the gender gap and to motivate and inspire future generations to develop their professional careers without thinking about stereotypes and only thinking about the field in which they want to develop their professional future.

Santander Global Tech is the global technology company, part of Santander’s Technology and Operations (T&O) division. With more than 2,000 employees and based in Madrid, we work to make Santander an open platform for financial services.

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