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At T&O we bring technology closer to our customers through “Tech Talks”.

11/05/22 3 min. read

When the pandemic hit, it brought with it an accelerated digital transformation, where more and more technical profiles were needed to be able to meet the new needs. This, together with our interest in telling the world more about technology and what we were developing in T&O, made us jump into the world of technology talks.

In Santander we have a group of experts, the SanExperts community, experts in different areas of technology who are also passionate about dissemination. Thanks to them we found a point of union with our community to share experiences, arouse curiosity and above all, learn more about technology

Tech Talks at the Work Cafés

Santander’s Work Cafés are the innovative concept of the bank branch where we want to bring innovation and technology to our customers’ experience when they visit a branch.

With a hybrid model, being able to attend in person or online, we want to offer customers a closer way to share knowledge, and what better than in one of our Work Cafés.

Tech Talk: The road to the Metaverse

Si quierIf you want to know more about the Metaverse, how the future of this technology is going to be and what awaits us in the short/medium term… Coty de Monteverde, Head of Blockchain and Crypto at Banco Santander told us about it and now you can see it here.

Tech Talk: How Quantum Computing Impacts Digital Security

In the next Tech Talk, Jaime Gómez, Head of Architecture & Quantum at Crypto & Blockchain CoE talked to us about Quantum Computing in digital security. How the advance in Quantum Computing can pose a threat to the cryptography that makes our digital society secure, when will this risk occur, what measures should be taken to be safe, and much more? All this and much more is what Jaime told us in this Tech Talk, and if you missed it, you can watch it here.

Tech Talk: What information we leave on the Internet and how to erase it (or minimize it)

What do you know about your digital footprint? Vicente Motos, Global Head of Purple Team, and Diego Regueira, Cyber Threat Intelligence Specialist, tell us in this interesting Tech Talk where they will also talk about how the information available online can be used, how it can be protected, and, if necessary, how it can be deleted.

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