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These are the most-read posts of 2022 from SanExperts

10/01/23 5 min. read

🤩 Now that 2022 is behind us, it’s time for a recap. In case your brain is still a bit foggy after the holidays, you’re now reading the Santander technology blog. Here you’ll find specialised articles on different technologies, written by experts at Santander.

Last year saw the opening of two new technology hubs (Málaga and Warsaw), “The Future of Women in Tech”, 👩‍💻 event on diversity in the area of technology where we had the pleasure of listening to some true experts-, and the globalisation of Be Tech! with Santander which has become the recruitment plan for the entire Santander Group. We also digitalised our core banking system using a unique software (Gravity) developed with Dual Run 🚀 which allowed us to move the mainframe to the cloud ☁️.

All in all, it’s been a great year in terms of technology! 💥

So, here are our most-read technology posts from 2022.

1. 6 perfect activities for breaking the ice in groups ❄️

Our Agile expert, Sonia Sánchez Sansegundo, is pure energy. ⚡️. . She always carries around a briefcase full of post-its, felt-tip pens, stickers, and even anti-stress balls, that she uses in her Agile activities.

Thanks to Sonia, we’ve learned that spending just a few minutes on breaking the ice before a meeting creates an environment of trust among the participants and is highly effective. In this post you’ll discover some new Agile group activities to break the ice, strengthen team work and create a sense of belonging, among other benefits.

Is your resolution for 2023 to improve your meetings? Learn how to motivate? Then this article is for you! Read it in full here👈.

2. 8 IT tips for choosing a laptop 💻

Now that the buying season is in full swing, this post might be useful. Sergio Cabrera, a computer engineer specialised in User Experience (UX), is committed to helping others, which is why he has listed the features you should be looking for in a laptop based on your needs. So here’s your chance to learn how to choose the best laptop for you, with 8 tips for asking yourself the right questions  when thinking about buying a laptop.

Read the full article here.

3. How UX has helped us improve the Santander App 📲

One of the technology team’s priorities is for our customers to have a good experience when interacting with the bank via digital channels. Think about when you use the Santander App (or that of any other financial entity): you expect it to be secure and to allow you to carry out the operations you need, and in a way that is simple and intuitive ✅.

One of the main objectives of our UX team is to empathise, to understand and to connect with the needs of our customers so that this way of operating is intuitive. To achieve this, it is essential to understand all these aspects when implementing improvements.

In this post, Manuel Medina, UX Lead at Santander, shares the 8 key improvements we made to our App in 2022 to enhance the experience for our customers. 🔝.

Take a look at them here.

4. Our new technology hub opens in Malaga 😱

Malaga was the location chosen for our latest Technology Hub. It forms part of our Be Tech! with Santander initiative, though which we aim to attract the finest tech talent to make us the best digital bank with branches. Over the course of a month, we organised 📣 Tech Talks inthe Santander work cafés to explain our technology strategy to customers.

Read more here.

5. How to control the information you leave on the Internet 👀

Diego Regueira, an expert in Cyber Threat Intelligence, and a big fan of cyber research and OSINT, knows more than anyone about the information that (often involuntarily) we leave on the Internet. From the moment we create an account or log into a platform like LinkedIn, Instagram, or Facebook, our data is stored on the Internet and starts to create what is known as our “digital footprint”. 👣. So, in this article, we will share some tips on how you can control this 🧐.

Check them out here.

Thanks for being with us for another year!

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