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The 6 Most Read Articles Of 2021

29/12/21 4 min. read

🥳It’s been three years since we started our blog and you already know a little more about us, about technology and about what we do in Santander (or we hope so).

During this last year we have lived the biggest fall of Facebook and we have told you about the collateral damage, we have organized the first Women in Tech Summit and we have told you here more about this initiative, we have made interviews to several “techies” colleagues, because we defend that technology has no gender and we have tried to create attractive content for all of you. Now, we won’t keep you any longer, here is a brief summary of the posts that you liked the most this 2021.

5 Steps to improve your daily life and learn: Retrospective

An article in which you will learn about the retrospective: a dynamic used by agile teams where, through a meeting, they review and reflect on the way they have worked over a period of time. So, if you want to improve in your day to day, learn about what happened and do things better, you can’t miss this post.

Link to the full article, here

5 cyber threats that may become a trend in 2021 

With digitalization and teleworking, the technology boom is a reality 💥. And with it, also the opportunities for cyber criminals. That’s why, at the beginning of 2021, we anticipated which cyber threats might be trending this year.

Will we be right? 🤔

You can find out here.

This is how we are developing Santander’s Hybrid Cloud strategy

At Santander, we want to be the best open platform for financial services. For this reason, we are in the middle of a digital transformation process, with a hybrid platform that gives us the advantages of the Public Cloud and the Private Cloud.

And… What advantages does this bring us? Among others, improving all the Bank’s processes using cutting-edge technologies and providing efficiency, security and high performance.

You can read the full article here.

From GIT to Kubernetes in 10 minutes with ArgoCD

If you have worked with automatic deployment tools and you have adopted CI/CD as a methodology, you will surely know how difficult it can be… And it is even more difficult if we are talking about the deployment of microservices. But… Don’t worry, we tell you how to do it easily in less than 10 minutes without dying trying!

Full article here.

Computer Vision and Image Recognition: automated processing

What is the process behind image recognition? How does a computer recognize every pixel in an image?

We tell you everything there is behind image recognition here.

Impact of quantum computing on Blockchain

How long will it take a quantum computer to unlock my password? Is there post-quantum life? 💻 Is blockchain responsive to this new paradigm? If you want to know what quantum computing is, and what impact it has, read this post or check out this MeetUp.

We hope to see you again!

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