Making the world a better place

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Socially responsible and committed

We are socially responsible and committed. Because we want to achieve a society with more opportunities for everybody, encouraging social programs and initiatives that help those who need it most. We care about the well-being of our teams, about transparency and corporate ethics, and about environmental sustainability.

Social inclusion

inclusion laboral

At Santander Global Tech we all contribute.

We believe in integration and equal opportunities, and in that one of technology’s objectives is to make the world more accessible. This is why, we have been working with Foundation Down’s Syndrome Madrid for the past 12 years, training and hiring people with different abilities for different kind of IT projects.

We are also involved in other social initiatives, within NGOs and different foundations:

Ilunion, Cáritas, Capacis, Prodis, Valora Foundation, JarezaDos, AvanzaONG, Remar, Red Cross and many more!


We take our future seriously.

We are sustainable and are involved in waste recycling and energy savings through the scheduled shut downs of our buildings.

Since 2009, across the Group we measure, calculate and control our environmental footprint; i.e. the consumption, waste and emissions at our facilities. In this way, we know our current impact on the environment, identifying where we need to minimize impact and becoming a more environmental-friendly enterprise.

Currently we are involved in the global movement: #Iam Reducing, Re-using and Recyclig. This movement purposes are to be single-use plastic free and a Zero Waste company.

A wish come true

We have started to collaborate with Pequeño Deseo Foundation and since we met them, we couldn’t be happier with helping them in their challenge: fulfill the wishes of children suffering from rare chronic illnesses or illnesses with bad prognosis.

Jorge, 16 years old:

Meet football player: Leo Messi

Vera, 6 years old:

Veterinary for a day taking care of a dog

Laura, 11 years old:

Dance in a Daddy Yankee’s concert

Rosana, 16 years old:

Visit to Cadena 100 radio studio Javi&Mar

“Thanks a lot to Santander Global Tech for your solidarity, commitment and for your continuos search for new ways of collaborating with the Foundation. With your help, we are making possible to fulfill these little champions’ wishes”

Leticia Fernández, Pequeño Deseo Foundation coordinator

Projects within developing countries

We like to look beyond.

We support fighting against poverty and exclusion everywhere in the world, with projects like the one we developed three years ago with the social enterprise Auara. Through this initiative, we bring drinkable water to developing countries. Additionally, we also committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Well-being and awareness-raising

We are committed to the health of our professionals.

We care about our people and their well-being. This is why, we promote healthy habits through the BeHealthy program, that encourages participation in charity sport events, a healthy diet, rounded off by toolbox talks.