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The Most Popular Posts of 2019

23/12/19 4 min. read

We have turned one year old! Exactly 13 months ago we started this blog with the intention of telling you a little more about who we are, what we do, the technology we like and the people behind it.

From a Blockchain case study to a glossary of Agile terminology, through a couple of interviews (here and here) and the analysis of the types of Data Scientist profiles.

Along the way we have explained the origin of Blockchain and how to develop a Wi-Fi intercom with a Raspberry Pi. One of the 10 best technological inventions of the decade according to Time magazine 😉

As the year ends, and before going on vacation, we have made a compilation with the best articles of 2019. Those that have emerged from leaving a little our (geek) day by day to become publishers at times.

Let’s get to the point! These are the 5 most popular posts of 2019:

using story cubes for ice breaking activities

8 Ice Breaking Activities to Boost Teamwork Meetings

In this article you will learn how to energize a work meeting, especially for Agile teams. It is possible that you have a meeting with a large group and the ideal conditions to achieve the objectives of the session are not met. The session may be late, not planned in advance or you may be tired.

Take note of these 8 ice breaking activities and boost your teamwork:

Will the end of Java be after version 11?

Just a year ago we published the announcements that Oracle made about Java and we came up with the hypothesis of the end of Java since it would cease to be “free”. That is, Java is free, but the binaries and compilations are not, that is why the real problem arises when you want to use the binaries of a company that requires licensing, like Oracle. You’ll have to pay for it.

In this post (and in its second part) you can see the announcements about Java licensing and the alternatives you can use.

ways to be creative at work technology

Top 15 Techniques to Develop Creativity in Technology

We love creativity! And we are very aware that incorporating creativity into organizations can contribute to improve products, services, processes, and therefore transform our reality with innovations.

But of course … it’s not always easy for creativity to flow and it’s not just being creative. In addition, it has to be useful, appropriate and able to add value.

To facilitate the creative process in this article we propose nothing more and nothing less than the best 15 techniques to develop creativity applied to technology. Maybe you know some of them, and others may surprise you…

Has cash money seen its day?

The data show that many countries have been working on the disappearance of cash for some years now. The use of digital money has exceeded the use of cash the last three years. In Sweden there are establishments with the “No cash accepted” sign and although in Spain according to a survey of the Bank of Spain 53% prefer cash, the truth is that cash withdrawals from ATMs are 3 times lower than the payment with card and / or devices such as Smartphone and Smartwatch.

Discover in this article the pros and cons of the disappearance of cash.

How a Cyber-attack works

Cybersecurity is one of our great pillars because we know its importance. We apply it to everything we do and I do not exaggerate when I tell you that it is part of our day to day.

Some attacks like Wannacry, Collection#1 and the most recent one to Prosegur show the damage they can do. In this article one of our cybersecurity experts explains how these cyber attacks occur, and to sum up there are two reasons why:

  1. For vulnerabilities in computer systems
  2. Using social engineering for cheating people. Phishing is the most famous example of this type of cyberattacks.

See you in 2020!

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Alba Molina

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