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Millennials, Gen Z and our Future as Recruiters

03/06/19 5 min. read

Born with digital, entrepreneurs, self-made and untrusting of traditional schemes and structures. That’s the slogan of Gen Z, people born between 1995 and 2015, also known as “anti-millennials”.

This concept comes up as a means of differentiation. We see and hear everywhere that technology accelerates our rhythm, that evolution is constant and that changes are becoming faster and quicker. So, can we generalize about a whole generation?

50% of today’s jobs will be gone in 20 years’ time

Approximately 50% of the jobs we know will disappear in 20 years’ time. Today, there are lots of parents who find trouble in defining what their kids study. As current and future recruiters, we need to understand these digital natives and adapt to their ways as fast as possible.

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What stance do Millennials have?

To understand this generation better, we have spoken to 20 millennials working at Santander Global Tech and asked them what they value most about their jobs. To sum up, here you go three of them (we haven’t write the twenty so that it is not the longest post of our blog)

Víctor, 27 years old – Data Scientist

Víctor is 27 years old and he’s a Data Scientist. He studied Mathematics and Computer Engineering. One of the things he values most about enterprises is that they’re transparent and honest, and he expect his boss to be a mentor. He’s interested in carrying on with his formation and training. For him, it is essential to have autonomy and flexible schedules. One of the things that motivates him the most is applying Data Science as a way to bring sense into the world, making an impact.

? By the way, if you are interested in Data Science, keep reading this post: what are the Data Scientist profiles.

María, 30 years old – Cybersecurity expert

Maria has just turned 30 and she’s a Cybersecurity expert. She’s 100% a STEM profile and she has always been quite the self-learner type. Like she says “I tend to avoid training based on conventional structures”. Her key word is effectiveness and she loves a good challenge. She wouldn’t work in a company she considers to be disrespectful or not involved in Cybersecurity matters. She agrees with Victor on her boss being a mentor. Her mission is to maintain the world safe and her biggest motivations are finding solutions to problems that didn’t even exist.

? If it’s cybersecurity the area you like, start for knowing how to avoid a cyberattack.

John, 29 years old – UX designer

John has a clear goal: give value to others. He’s an UX Designer and what he likes most is to work in a cooperative environment. He believes having a collaborative and good atmosphere at work is essential, and therefore values honesty and transparency. An enterprise that can offer interesting projects, career development and time dedicated to innovation is a company he’s interested in. John loves debating because he thinks that greater solutions can be found when working together. His motivations here? Seeing his designs becoming a reality and being used by other employees.

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So, what we can offer them as an enterprise?

One of their main traits is immediacy and their main motivation is not money, so is it time what we can offer them?

The challenge for companies is therefore defining the functions they will carry out well, the objectives they need to achieve and knowing how to measure results properly. To flee from the face-to-face and strict schedules, flexibility and responsibility are key.

They’re digital natives and technology is a foundation in their lives, they’ll feel more comfortable in enterprises that update with technology and social changes. Dynamic and flexible companies, where change becomes part of their culture, providing an environment of continuous learning and the possibility of contribution.

A nice atmosphere is key. Benefits and activities that promote the balance between the private and professional life, so that they’re coherent with their social compromise and volunteering work. The relationship enterprises have with social environments, and the impact they generate in such, is also key for youngsters to be interested in becoming part of companies where initiatives related with Social Responsibility are carried out.

Thanks to Elisa Fajardo for her labor as interviewer 🙂

Authors: Gema Cano, Ernesto Rubio y Alba Molina

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