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How to Become a Content Creator in 5 Minutes using AI

07/03/23 8 min. read

If you have always wanted to generate and publish content on social networks, or are simply curious about this world and would like to try it, it is now easier than ever. Artificial intelligence (AI) is already at a level that makes possible all kinds of tasks that until recently were unimaginable that a machine could do. Among them, helping us to become content creators. And the best thing is that you don’t need lights, a camera or a microphone. Not even a script.

Ready to become an AI-powered content creator? Let’s get started 🚀.

Let’s start with the title 📔

Imagine that our objective is to generate a video for YouTube about a specific topic. In this case, as an example, let’s say we want to publicize five cutting-edge technologies to get into banking. The first thing would be to come up with an attractive title that makes people want to watch our video. To do this, we can either work our brains out until we come up with something that convinces us, or we can resort to artificial intelligence, by means of the application that has become so fashionable lately: ChatGPT.

So, all you have to do is go to their website and create a free user account if you don’t already have one. Once inside, the application works like any other chat. So we can try to put the:

“give me a title for a Youtube video about new technologies to get into banking”.

ChatGPT will return something like this:

Text written by ChatGPT

The title is very complete, but we can go a bit further:

“make the title shorter, more attractive and impactful”.

And that’s where it starts to take shape:

Text written by ChatGPT

And if it still doesn’t convince us, no problem, just put it in:

“give me other options”

Title options written by ChatGPT

A very comfortable script 🛋

We already have the title and now we have the most difficult part: writing the script. Wait a minute, did we say the hardest part? Maybe not… Since we have ChatGPT open and we’re in the middle of a conversation about the video, how about we try telling him this:

“write a youtuber-style intro for the video”

In just a few seconds, we’ll have an intro like this on screen:

Script written by ChatGPT

And if we want to try another one, just click on the “Regenerate response” button.

A script written by ChatGPT

Now it would be up to us to research the technologies, summarise them, write them up… But while we’re at it:

“write the five technologies for the video in a nice and funny way”.

Text written by ChatGPT

It couldn’t be easier. What would be left? Simply the summary and the farewell, which for example we could ask like this:

“give me a final conclusion and a farewell to the video, remembering to subscribe to the channel”.

Conclusion written by ChatGPT

Lights? camera? action! 🎥

This part of the process is one of the most discouraging for those who wanted to get started on YouTube, as it implied having the right devices, a video editing tool and knowing how to use it. But now there are applications that, thanks to artificial intelligence, can do all these steps for us.

Right now there are several to choose from on the market: Synthesia, InVideo, DesignsAI… In fact, almost every week there is a new one. We have chosen one of them because we have found it to be one of the most complete and easy to use: Fliki.

Herramienta con IA para editar videos

After accessing it, click on the “Start Creating →” button and, on the next screen, you can log in with one of your Google, Facebook or LinkedIn accounts. Or create a new one (“Continue with email”).

Login en herramienta de edición de vídeos con Inteligencia Artificial

Once we have access to the tool, all we have to do is click on the “New file” button in the top right-hand corner. We will be asked to enter the name and language of our video. Click on “Create” to start the process.

Pasos para editar un vídeo con una herramienta de Inteligencia Artificial

And the process is as easy as copy and paste. We copy the text we had from the introduction and paste it into the first box. Then we click on the “+” button, copy the five main paragraphs and paste them. Finally, we do the same with the farewell and we are ready to edit.

Pasos para editar un vídeo con una herramienta de Inteligencia Artificial

Next to each box there is a box which, if clicked, allows you to choose a video from those available in the tool’s library. Those without a padlock are available free of charge. We can find others using the search engine (it works in both English and Spanish) or even choose one that we have downloaded by selecting “My library”.

Pasos para editar un vídeo con una herramienta de Inteligencia Artificial

Another option would be to click on the “Auto-pick video” button that appears below the video preview. There, the artificial intelligence will automatically choose a video for us, depending on the text we have entered in the box. It couldn’t be more convenient 💁 💁‍♂️.

However, keep in mind that this function works better the shorter the text is. And if we exceed a certain length, we will have to subscribe to one of the tool’s payment plans.

Our own dubbing studio 🔝

By clicking on the name that appears to the left of each paragraph, we can access a whole catalogue of voices, ordered by language (“Language”), dialect (“Dialect”), gender (“Gender”) and style (“Voice style”). There we can listen to a test fragment and, if we are convinced, apply it to the whole video by checking the box “Apply this voice to all the sections”.

Catálogo de voces en herramienta de edición de vídeos con Inteligencia Artificial

If in addition to the voice we want to customise the subtitles, we have all the options in the “Video settings” button. We recommend adjusting the size (“Subtitle font size”), the font (“Subtitle font”) and the colour (“Subtitle font colour”).

Incidentally, in this section we must also tell the application, in the “Size” section, the format of our video. Depending on the social network for which it is intended, we will choose square (“Square”), four thirds (“Portrait”) or panoramic (“Landscape”). In our example for Youtube, it will be the latter.

Formato de video en herramienta de edición de vídeos con Inteligencia Artificial

Generating the magic 

Then we would have everything ready to produce our video. The bottom button with the dashed box gives us a full-screen preview, where we can see if the speed, rhythm or videos are adapted to our liking. If we want to fine-tune it even more, there is the “More” option, which allows things like adding background music, changing the pronunciation of words that the AI does not interpret well (such as acronyms) and even translating the texts into another language.

Creación de contenidos con Inteligencia Artificial

And now it’s time to press the “Export” button and let the application work its magic. Depending on the length of our video it will take more or less time to process all the image and voice segments. So we can do whatever else we want, and when the application has finished, we will receive an email with the link to download the video, ready to be uploaded to our favourite platform.

This is just one more example of how far artificial intelligence is going nowadays and how you can become a content creator thanks to Artificial Intelligence. What will the future hold? Nobody knows, but it is sure to be exciting. We will be following it closely, so we encourage you to follow our portal to keep up to date with all the news.

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