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From Homo Sapiens to Homo Digitalis

03/11/18 4 min. read

Homo Sapiens have become an endangered species and a new species of humans is making great strides to take over the planet. It’s very likely that many of you who are now reading this post even live under the same roof as an individual of this species: Homo Digitalis.

Homo Digitalis definition

This new species thrives in a habitat with omnipresent and permanently connected screens and displays. Immediacy is a given, not an expectation for Homo Digitalis.

Companies must undergo their metamorphosis in this unknown and inhospitable habitat full of surprises if they want to survive the revolution happening all around them.


The speed of the Digital Transformation

REVOLUTION is the keyword for defining the digital transformation-driven process we are presently experiencing.

But what does a revolution mean? How is it affecting us? We can define it as a process of social, cultural, economic and technological change, a new worldwide paradigm that affects everything and everyone.

Previous industrial revolutions differ from the current revolution mainly in terms of speed of change.

We are fortunate to be living in such an exciting time in our history, where humanity is transforming and sloughing its skin. We are going to experience it. In fact, we are already experiencing this reality firsthand. This digital transformation is a fresh opportunity for us to IMPROVE.

We are challenged to outperform ourselves and leave our comfort zones to be able to realise our full potential. It is our responsibility with the change, and if we don’t do it ourselves, others will do it instead. Transformation is no longer an option, it is a need.

This digital transformation is a fresh opportunity for us to IMPROVE.

Humanised technology

According to Forrester, the technological advances in recent years have brought about a change in era, and we are now in the “Customer Era”. Consumers select when and how to interact with companies. More powerful and demanding than ever before, consumers are courted and wooed by companies aspiring to win their loyalty.

In this regard, now that technology pervades every moment in our daily lives more than ever, we have to centre ourselves around people, working towards humanised technology. Technology per se is no longer the objective and now must be useful for resolving the needs of individuals, albeit naturally and unobtrusively.


How to win back clients: Digital Experience

Customer experience is everything. It is both key and cornerstone of the digital business. We should harness all our technological capabilities to create experiences that are adapted to the needs and expectations of our clients.

The relationship between banks and individuals has changed. Not only with clients but also with non-clients. We have to adapt to what they expect from a bank, since today’s demands have so little to do with the demands of only a few years ago.

We have to work to create a unique and seamless customer experience. An organic experience that seeks to afford candidness and ease in interactions, regardless of the device or whether the contact point is physical or digital.

Our crusade to win back clients has already begun, but it won’t be easy

While we have the resources, technology and knowledge, the difficulty nevertheless lies in how to combine all these variables to transform the corporate CULTURE, the way we do things, towards COMPREHENSIVE management, towards a development of technological solutions that support this change and bring value throughout the Client’s entire Customer Journey with coherent and consistent communications throughout all the channels that the Client uses to interact with the Bank.

We are in the middle of a historic journey, yet we haven’t embarked alone, since we are facing strong competition with traditional competitors and others who have only appeared recently such as Bigtechs and Fintechs, who are here to stay. However, this is also an opportunity for us to seize and become part of the change, to continue providing our innovative capabilities and services creatively to remain benchmarks in services related to the finance activities of our clients.

Authors: David Galván, Mario Flores and Alfonso Suárez

Santander Global Tech


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