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Festival Agile 3rd edition – Sep 21′: 2 Keynotes and 11 Speakers from Santander

02/09/21 8 min. read

At Santander, we foster the Agile philosophy as a global model for some years now. Can you imagine transforming a Group with more than 200,000 employees and that is present in – almost – all over the world?

From September 13 to 15, the 3rd edition of the Agile Trends Festival will be held, where the main focus will be on people. In this Festival we bring together the world’s leading Agile experts to discuss and share good (and bad) practices, advances and knowledge to help people and companies to develop and evolve their agile practices.

“Adding people to create high performance organizational cultures”

Purpose of this edition of #FestivalAgile, the most global and most focused on people and Agile culture

Santander’s 2 key Keynotes:

Alexandra Brandão, Global Head of HR at Banco Santander

Agile for HR and HR for Agile – critical role of HR in creating positive, lasting change

? Monday 13, September

? 12:30h CET (35 min)

Alexandra Brandao, HR Head of Santander - Keynote Festival Agile Trends - September 2021

It’s clear that the need to develop business agility dictates strategic agendas. If we then consider the HR function itself, most teams face the same problems and share the need to modernize, digitalize and deliver value at speed. As a result, the HR profession is in catch-up mode when it comes to Agile. Not only do we need to quickly understand what Agile means in order to guide wider organizational transformation, but also begin to apply the mindset ourselves to revolutionize our own ways of working. 

And we have 2 roles to play at the same time: In HR for Agile role we are helping the organization transform to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex business environment. But in order to do it successfully, in Agile for HR we look at how HR can apply an Agile mindset and various working methods within our own teams and projects. These powerful combination will help to drive agile transformation through organization.

Szymon Mercik, Global Head of CoE Agile and Software Engineering

The transformation of a Global Company: Balance between locality and consistency:

? Wednesday, September 15

? 12:30h CET (35 min)

The larger the company, the more complicated its agile transformation is. Especially for a complex company, present in many countries / continents, with many business lines, there are localities and challenges which require flexible but effective transformation strategy and convergence to a common model. The keynote tries to discuss some of the complexities and possible ways of agile transformation depending on local environments, while maintaining a consistent approach across the entities.

10 15-minute talks by our experts in Santander:

Benjamin Granados,

Tech Communities Lead

? 13 Sept 2021 ? 9:30h CET

The financial sector is currently suffering a strong competition between Fintechs and BigTechs and in this environment, any competitive advantage is key. In the talk we will explain how Communities of Practice (CoPs) complement and accelerate transformation and change management strategies by activating collective intelligence.

We will clarify basic concepts about what Communities of Practice are and what they are not and we will delve into the specific case of Communities of Practice explaining their purpose, how they differ from other types of communities, we will present a framework for launching Communities of Practice and we will end by sharing our lessons learned.


Dave Wilson,

Head of Engineering

? 13 Sept 2021 ? 11:25h CET

Engineering Excellence is a program of work within Santander UK to provide a new way of delivering software products to our customers.

As technology evolves and also challenges in our ways of working – we have found a way through the minefield and come up with a new way of combining old world, new world and flexibility for beyond 2021.

This journey is in it’s infancy but come join us and see the challenge, where we have got to and how positive this impact is having on our deliveries.


Lucio López,

Head of Agile CoE

? 13 Sept 2021 ? 16:20h CET

In large corporate groups there is always a trade-off between a central government that dictates the rules and an autonomy that hinders standardization and lack of learning. The co-creation of the federated model that we use in the Santander Agile community provides the best of both worlds; continuous learning, local adaptation and applicability to specific situations.


Krzysztof Kaleta,

Agile Coach

? 14 Sept 2021 ? 10:35h CET

During this session, I would like to describe a roadmap of an Agile Transformation in Disputes Tribe. I would like to focus mostly on the Operational part of a Tribe which actually consists of 18 out of 21 squads within whole Tribe. I would like to present our beginning with MVP, difficulties that we encountered and how they were overcome. I’d like to talk about the progression of all squads and what benefits did Agile Transformation provide to individuals as well as to whole Disputes Tribe.


Carlos Barceló,

Agile Transformation Leader

? 14 Sept 2021 ? 16:20h CET

Presentation on the experience of transforming the IT Delivery area with more than 100 development teams into agile teams at Banco Santander Chile. For scaling, a framework based on Spotify adapted as well as a governance model with QBRs and OKRs was used.


Chema Garcia y José Nieto,

Head of Agile Transformation and Agile Coach Enterprise

? 15 Sept 2021 ? 09:15h CET

Modeling enterprise agility transformation could help us to understand when and where to focus on our activities and efforts to ensure a successful journey.
During these 15 minutes, we invite to hear about our experience along the path that we have designed and continue evolving to help our organization to transform into an organization that embodies fast reaction, customer focus, valued oriented and empowered team principles
Learn about this journey which has 6 steps, with three different 3 big stages:
– From project to product
– From product to value stream
– From value stream to lean organization


Noelia Rojo,

Agile Coach

? 15 Sept 2021 ? 10:20h CET

The HS Systemic Vision takes into account five characteristics that help us to be more aware of how and with whom we relate (organizational, social, personal…), and the effects that this can produce.

In this talk, applied to the organizational environment, we will go through each of them to give indications on how to create more efficient teams.


Luis Vidaechea,

Scrum Master & Agile Lead

? 15 Sept 2021 ? 10:35h CET

Digital transformations have never been about technology, but about people, right now we must focus on people to generate true agile leaders at the service of the teams and the organization.

We will learn transformation models, as well as leadership models and how to apply them in our teams.


Jesper Olsen,

Agile coach

? 15 Sept 2021 ? 15:50h CET

We think we know Agile and we know Coaching and you properly also think you know the combination Agile Coaching?

This session will focus on the coaching part , key roles and tips and how this can dis- and benefit in an agile context.

Cliffhanger: 6 roles and 10 coach tips in 15 min


Jon Ravenall,

Transformación Cultural – Operaciones

? 15 Sept 2021 ? 18:30h CET

How we are managing to implement agile ways of working in the Operations team of Banco Santander in Argentina. We go from Buenos Aires to the Moon in 15 minutes, passing along the way through continuous improvement, agile methodologies, and change management.


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