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Diversity: a key ally to address cybersecurity challenges

18/07/22 2 min. read

Cybersecurity is a complex challenge with an essential human component. Most cybersecurity situations require human interaction, and humans are as unique and different as grains of sand on a beach.

That is precisely the origin of the main challenge for cybersecurity teams: they must be equipped with the best employees not only due to the quality of their work but also their varied ways of thinking, backgrounds, and contexts, which allow them to more quickly and efficiently meet the challenges posed by those on the other side of the screen.

At Santander Cyber Security Centre, we have more than 18 different nationalities, on the Technology & Operations team over 31% are women (higher than the market average). We are continuously attracting the best talent to bolster our teams and better protect our customers, employees, and society in general.

Another important aspect of having a group as diverse as Cyber at Santander is the opportunity it represents to work with colleagues from more than 30 countries in the bank’s ecosystem on a daily basis. Truly global collaboration makes meeting challenges easier and strengthens our employees’ global vision.

In this video, Idoia Mateo, CISO Santander HQ & Europe, offers us her views regarding the importance of diversity for Santander’s cybersecurity team.

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