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GPT-4: How does OpenAI’s most advanced AI work?

15/03/23 7 min. read

💥 OpenAI has made GPT-4 public. The big news is that it will become a multimodal model. It will be able to interact with images and generate captions, classifications, and analyses, in addition to communicating only by text as before.

👉 At Santander Digital Services we never stop innovating and testing new technologies.   “We believe that technology is changing the world and we are part of this change” (SanExperts Manifest). And of course, chatGPT, as the latest major milestone in the implementation of AI, was not going to be less.

2023 is the year of chatGPT. If you want to survive the hype of 2023 without dying in the attempt, keep up to date with the latest news and developments that GPT-4 brings, what we can use it for and clarify the paradigm about whether chatGPT is going to take away jobs, read on ;). We will bust some interesting myths and see why it is a technological paradigm shift.

What is ChatGPT? 🤔

ChatGPT is a small conversational model developed by OpenAI, trained by and for having conversations. It belongs to the family of natural language models called Question & Answers (Q&A).

OpenAI is an AI research company that promotes and develops AI technology to make it accessible to everyone. It was initially founded by, among others, Elon Musk.

Natural language processing (NLP) is a technology that combines models of computational linguistics, machine learning, and deep learning to process human language.

Yes, we said small. What is really big is the heart of the viral chatbot, the model on which it is based, GPT-3 from the family of LLMs (large language models).

LLMs are natural language models, whose main objective is to predict the word that follows a given sequence. The size is given by the complexity, the number of parameters involved in the training and the scope, and the amount of data input. Main applications: Translation, language recognition, text generation, question, and answer, etc.

What is GPT-4? 👇

GPT-4 is OpenAI’s most advanced system, producing safer and more useful responses

Title of the Artificial Intelligence company’s recent presentation.

GPT-4 is a so-called large multimodal model because unlike its predecessor it not only accepts text as input but also images, boom! 👏

chatGPT-4 images as input
Image from OpenAI’s chatGPT-4 presentation

For the latter functionality, however, we will have to wait a bit longer.

The main new features of GPT-4, which describes OpenAI:

  • Extends the word limit it can generate by up to x8 times.
  • It has outperformed the scores achieved in a series of tests that were originally designed for humans.
  • It is able to interpret images and generates answers based on them.
  • It has been trained with more data and more computation.
  • It has improved the security of answers to combat fraudulent use, with 82% less likely to give inappropriate answers and 40% more likely to give factually accurate answers.
  • It has outperformed all other current models in accuracy over traditional benchmarks used to evaluate benchmark performance.

Users of the paid service, ChatGPT Plus, will be the first to be able to enjoy its capabilities. Of course, we are already on the waitlist to test it via API.

What can we use ChatGPT for?

It is extremely easy to use and the user experience is amazing, so it is no surprise that it is so quickly accepted. Just register at chat.openai.com and start chatting.

Of course, it has become yet another tool to include in our toolkit. Although it was developed to be a conversational model, some of the craziest practical uses we are seeing these days:

  • Content generation: poems, article sketches for your website, podcast scripts, emails, personal letters, etc.
  • Code generation: lines of code in almost any language, small programs, methods and classes, etc.
  • Information research: definitions, generating recipes, brainstorming ideas, shopping lists, etc.
  • New in GPT-4: Image interpretation and text generation based on images.
  • New in GPT-4: Interpretation of documents with text and images, diagrams or screenshots.

Remember that everything you write will be recorded, and can be reviewed by OpenAI developers to further train and improve chatGPT. Be careful not to include personal or sensitive information about your company.

Why does ChatGPT represent a technological paradigm shift?

It is undoubtedly the latest major milestone, becoming the fastest-growing Internet platform in history, reaching 100 million users in just 2 months.

Users ChatGPT-4

It has attracted the attention of world-class technology giants, with Microsoft recently announcing its acquisition of OpenAI for a whopping 10 billion.

Soon, the startup world also became agitated and companies with services based on this model started to emerge, the search engine You was an example of this. Did you know that new jobs related to chatGPT have emerged? The so-called prompt Engineering, or prompt optimizer.

We don’t know if it was pushed by the possibility of losing the hegemony of the search engines, but Google, through its Artificial Intelligence division, DeepMind, announced its own AI chat, called Sparrow, on 19 January.

In this new technological race, and just a day after Microsoft’s presentation, in which they announced their intention to integrate chatGPT into their Bing search engine. Google suffered a severe setback in the presentation of another chat, the so-called Bard. The company suffered a stock market fall of more than 11% (130,000 million in market capitalization), due to the erroneous response of the model.

It has certainly been an important milestone for companies that were not already doing so, to initiate projects to integrate AI into their processes. And for those already doing their homework, accelerate their AI strategy.

Is ChatGPT going to take our jobs? 😱

Sorry for the spoiler but no, it works very well, but it’s not magic. We have read a lot these days, but it is far from being Artificial Intelligence General as has been said, nor will it replace developers, or content creators, in the same way, that Photoshop did not replace designers.

It produces an irresistible illusion of rational thought, of that there is no doubt. But let’s not forget that it is still a language model, which of course does not reason, nor does it have reliable knowledge.

Of course, chatGPT has been the latest catalyst in the transformation of Artificial Intelligence. We will see in the coming days the reactions of the rest of the companies. Do you dare to predict the next big AI milestone? Are you going to keep waiting to integrate it into your daily life?

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