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ALM and CaaS, the key products of our Cloud strategy ☁️

29/07/21 3 min. read

From the Technology & Operations area, we are improving the productivity of development teams and time to market thanks to global ALM (Application Lifecycle Management) and CaaS (Container as a Service) products. We accelerate processes, scale environments very quickly, and do continuous integration, delivery and deployment. We have adapted our way of working to cope with a highly changing and demanding environment, delivering new functionalities and services to customers in record time.

ALM and CaaS are key pieces of our Cloud strategy. If you want to know more, you can read how we are developing it here.

María Machado, Product Owner at ALM&CaaS, states that:

“our mission is to redefine banking by evolving towards an open platform for financial services, through solutions based on collaboration between entities, with common, efficient and flexible platforms”

Evolving to an open financial services platform

We live in a world in which innovation is vital in order to respond to user demands. In order to innovate and deliver value to the market quickly, it is necessary to transform the business and rely on a technological platform that allows us these advantages.

ALM task automation

Automation allows us to improve productivity and business value delivery by minimizing errors that come from manual work. By reducing repetitive tasks, development teams can focus on other activities that bring more value to the business, such as innovation. Companies that do not embrace automation will always be behind the competition.

OpenShift as a container platform

CaaS, or Container as a Service, allows us to streamline application delivery and increase developer productivity. It provides end-to-end automated operations, with a consistent experience across all environments, making it easier for teams to focus on application development without the need for in-depth knowledge of the technologies used by the platform.

Advantages of ALM&CaaS

We have greater control of the end-to-end process by the developers and reduce the time it takes to put the applications into production. Among the main advantages we find:

  • Portability: Packaged applications to be executed in any environment.
  • Flexibility: Workloads are moved between environments and providers.
  • Speed: Deliver business functionality in record time.
  • Security: Containers isolated from each other.
  • Efficiency: Fewer resources are required to run applications.
  • Traceability: All executed activities are automatically recorded.
  • Quality: As the whole process is automated, errors are minimized.

Technologies being used in ALM&CaaS

We have a toolkit of technologies that allow us to manage the life cycle of applications hand in hand with DevSecOps teams, where development, security and operations go hand in hand.

Having a good team is one of the keys to success

At Santander Global Tech we have the best team of professionals and we contribute strongly so that people can make a difference, leaving room for creativity, collaboration and innovation.

Santander Global Tech is the global technology company, part of Santander’s Technology and Operations (T&O) division. With more than 2,000 employees and based in Madrid, we work to make Santander an open platform for financial services.

Do you want to join this great team? Check out the positions we have open here and Be Tech! with Santander ?

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