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8 Ice Breaking Activities to Boost Teamwork Sessions

24/07/19 6 min. read

The final dynamics to break the ice and get the focus before a teamwork session.

Ginger in Japanese food is mainly used to clean the palate in order to better appreciate a new flavor. At work we can use this same concept to focus on the next work session with the necessary energy.

Perhaps you have a working session with a large group of people and the ideal conditions to achieve the objectives of the session are not met. The session may be late, not planned in advance or you may be tired

This is the challenge:

How can we create the context and get the necessary energy to achieve the goals of our teamwork session.

I propose 8 simple dynamics to enhance teamwork. Just decide which one you want to start with and set it up in your agenda to be first thing to do at the work session.

Important: it cannot last more than 10 min, it has to be very agile, so that we can activate, break the ice and focus on the objective of the session. It would be like our labor ginger.

Boost your teamwork within these 8 activities:

1. Build a story using Story Cubes

For this activity you need: Story cubes (dice with images on each face).

Start by introducing the script of the story, for example we will create the 8th season of game of thrones again. It doesn’t matter if you’ve seen it or not … we’re going to create it again so there’s no risk of spoilers. Very fast we are linking stories. Anything is valid: a new version of Little Red Riding Hood or Stranger Things. Each participant rolls the dice and create a story that has to include at least the images of 3 or 4 dice. It links to the following and so for the whole group

boost teamwork-story-cubes

2. Two truths and a lie

This dynamic allows to know the group a little more. Each team member presents 3 statements about himself. For example: I have a dog, I was born in Helsinki and I like to skate. The group has to guess which one of the statements is a lie.

You’ll be surprised!

3. Say something positive of the day

It can not be easier! Loads of positive energy and allows to know a personal corner of each team member. Give a minute for everyone to think and in turn, share it.

If the day has just begun you can expose something positive about the week 🙂

4. Self-expression

For this activity you need: a template with emojis.

As a contest and using a template of emojis we can ask that a volunteer start representing an emotion. The rest have to guess which is the emotion and who says it right continues choosing another emotion… Go on until the whole group participates. It will allow you to know how each person feels to face the meeting.

boost teamwork self expression

5. Share a hobby

For this activity you need: sticky post-its.

To make it more fun I recommend to follow this rule: be original, not repeat hobbies. Each one individually thinks and writes in a post-it his hobby. Suggest that it be original to avoid coincidences. Leave 1 minute to write, then we share and in the case of having repeated you have (Quick!) to think about another hobby. Finish when the whole group ends.

boost teamwork sharing hobbies

6. Mental-Activation activity

For this activity you need: a Mental-Activation template.

This dynamic is very useful to activate the mind quickly in individual mode. Download the template below, print some copies and give one to everyone in the meeting. This template has 30 circles as you can see on the image.

The rules:

  • 3 minutes to draw
  • The circle has to be part of the drawing itself
  • Quantity, not quality
  • The person who completes more circles is the winner!

⭐️ Download our template ready to use

boost teamwork mental activation template

7. Songs Contest

If you like a little competition, I propose a contest in which only one can be left, as in the Immortals.

Using movies or series songs. Select a group of songs, notify the group that only a few seconds of music will be heard and when the music stops everyone has to write down the title of the song on paper. Those who succeed continue until the next round and so, song by song, until the end. Only one winner can be left!

You can offer a prize if you see that you are looking for an additional motivation… or that is responsible for facilitating the next work session 😉

8. Squeeze a lemon

For this activity you need: sticky post-its and lots of imagination.

Draw in a post-it how you could squeeze a lemon without using a juicer or a fork. Invite the participants to go out of the comfort zone and think about any other crazy idea. Then share with the group and you will see the ingenious ideas that come out.

Anything that creates a dynamic activity is worthwhile, to motivate teamwork, break the ice and achieve focus.

Notice how the challenge is and how simple it is to achieve it. In essence it is to be more effective and we can use it for almost everything. I invite you to try it, surely you boost your teamwork sessions!!!

Did you know these 8 ice-breaking games? Here you go another 6 more!

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