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6 Perfect Icebreakers based on Group Dynamics

19/07/22 4 min. read

Some time ago, we published a post about group dynamics to enhance teamwork. This practice is increasingly used in teams as an icebreaker to enhance teamwork and create a sense of belonging.

This post brings you six new icebreakers based on group dynamics, a fun way to enhance your teamwork sessions.

1.Yes, Because…

This activity consists of one person making a statement and the other creating an explanation for the crazy idea given by their partner. The more surreal the statement the better, and the more fun it will be!


– ¡María, you came to the office on a cocodrile!

– Answer: Yes, because the price of petrol’s going up a lot and yesterday I decided to buy one. If you’re interested, you can get two for the price of one at the local supermarket!

This activity can be used both with teams and at home with the family.

2. Tree of things I like 🌳

As human beings, we tend to focus more on the things that separate us as a team. This activity gives us an opportunity to see all the things that we have in common. I bet you’ll be surprised!

All you need is a pen and paper. Create branches and sub-branches, passing the sheet from one colleague to another. (You can use the topic ‘hobbies’ or focus on knowledge areas). Eventually you will end up with a vision of what is most important to the group.

tree of things i like

3. With intent

Some activities require more time than others. If you don’t have much time to invest in dynamics before starting your meeting or work session but you still want to at least break the ice, here’s a good option: think about the topic you will be working on and pose a question to the group. This will link the conversation to the objective pursued during the session.

Example: What do you like most about the xx initiative? What have you learned from using xx? What advice would you give if xx? If you could travel back in time… what would you do differently with xx?

These questions make it easy to connect with the topic and help to achieve a shared vision in an agile manner.

dynamic group: what have you learned

4. Escape Room

Who doesn’t like winning? A bit of competition is always a good thing. The first thing you have to do is define a challenge (the possibilities are infinite…).

group dynamic: escape room

Want to see the result? Please download the template

5. Take the plunge💦

Pose two tempting scenarios to your participants, who must choose one of the options and argue why their choice is better than the other option. They can then try to convince the others to switch sides.


6. Guessing game: pictures with emojis

This activity poses a challenge for the group that stimulates their thinking by guessing what the emojis refer to.


  • 🧑👓⚡
  • 👊🐼
  • 🏎😠

Want to see the answers? Download the template

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