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5 Tips to avoid receiving or sending unnecessary e-mails

05/05/22 4 min. read

If on a perfect day at work, it doesn’t cross your mind to check those emails that come to you where someone has added you and you don’t really have anything to contribute… this post will interest you! Read on to learn 5 tips to avoid getting or sending unnecessary e-mails to your inbox.💪

Before we begin, it is necessary to add that the first thing we must do to ensure that these tips are carried out effectively, is that this is shared with the entire team, area, or company where you work.

Causes for which we incorporate people in a mail or we do not eliminate others that do not have to be there 🧾

1. Lack of responsability

You need to include a superior in the email chain to escalate an issue or leave some evidence of a problem.

But… what if you review with your team which is the activities where you have a responsibility and where you don’t so that we can decide with intention how we want to work (I will say what you have to do, I will consult you, we will agree, ask or delegate) and communicate it to the stakeholders?

2. I need to inform someone

Perhaps there is another colleague who is interested in the issue at hand.

And before adding anyone to an email chain, ask if they would prefer you to add them or if they would be more comfortable with a summary of what is going on. Chances are that if you talk to them, they will tell you that they hardly spend time reading these emails and that it is much easier for them to get a summary of what was discussed in a team meeting.

3. Lack of knowledge

What if you build a plan to be autonomous and take the opportunity to create a knowledge base? 

It will be accessible to anyone in your team and you will facilitate this process for a new colleague.

You may need to ask several people/teams about a topic, in this case, it is important to solve the root cause of this as it would be a lack of knowledge that impacts more teams and it is more complicated to find a solution, explain this situation to your manager to get the help you need.

4. I need to delegate

Communicate to that person to please take care of the issue and also share that they have that role… they will take care of the issue and everyone will know who to go to. Agree if you have to be informed how and in what way you can use a team meeting or in the meetings you have.

Now, let’s get to the 5 tips to reduce mailings 👇👇👇

  • Anticipate when you can deal with it based on the priorities you have or if it requires time
  • If you need the help of a colleague agree as a team when you can respond, but consolidate the information and send everything together directly
  • Check the recipients (I’m sure they will appreciate stopping being in the mail). Review the reasons why we incorporate people in an email with suggestions for improvement.
  • Get focus, adjust the subject line to the topic you need to address, remove the RV, RV, RV…, and if you need someone’s input to explain clearly what for and what you need and when 🤩 details make a difference.
  • Reflect on the responsibility you have and make sure you have it agreed with the team.
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It seemed mission impossible or not so much, in any case, everything can always be improved, we have to have a critical view of things to try to improve our day to day.

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