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5 PowerPoint Tricks you may Not Know

20/04/22 6 min. read

PowerPoint is one of those tools that many of us use, but probably without being fully aware of its possibilities or the functions hidden in its menus. We propose you a quick walkthrough 5 PowerPoint tricks that will surely make your day-to-day life even easier 🙌🏽.

1. Selecting objects faster

Anyone who has spent time working on a complicated slide will know how much time is wasted trying to select the objects you want to move or edit ⌛️. That’s when you need to use ‘Selection Panel’, a useful function which is strangely somewhat hard to find. To bring it up, go to the Start menu and click the ‘Select’ tool. You’ll find it there, the last option of the drop-down menu.

Truco selección de objetos en powerpoint

The selection panel displays all the objects on the page in order of display, as if they were layers. From there, you can select an object by clicking on it, select several objects by holding down the ‘Control’ key, or hide an object by clicking on the eye icon. You can also rename objects by double-clicking slowly on one of them, which can be very useful, especially when doing animation so that you don’t get lost among so many rectangles and text boxes.

2. Crop like a pro ✂️

You’ve no doubt used PowerPoint’s crop tool before, especially when importing an image or photograph into a presentation. However, perhaps not everyone is aware that the cropped area doesn’t always have to be rectangular. Instead of clicking the ‘Crop’ icon in the ‘Picture Format’ menu, click the arrow just below it to access the option ‘Crop to shape’. When you hover over this option, the entire catalog of shapes available in the tool will appear.

truco recortar imagenes con formas en powerpoint

In practice, most of these shapes will not be so useful when cropping an image. However, some, such as the ellipse, will help you to make your presentation look a bit more polished. And if you want a perfect circle, after selecting the ellipse simply go back to the ‘Crop’ menu, select ‘Aspect ratio’, and finally ‘1:1’.

3. Charts on another level 📊

Something similar to what we have just discussed can also be done with bar and column charts. If it suits your presentation, you can forget the boring coloured rectangles and replace them with something more eye-catching that also helps to better understand the message behind the chart. To do so, you need an image or icon that is representative of the value each bar represents. Depending whether your chart is displayed vertically or horizontally, you need to find an image with a suitable aspect ratio. Try to ensure that the image or icon has no borders, and if it is not rectangular then a transparent background is better.

truco gráficos profesionales en powerpoint

Once you’re ready, all you have to do is right-click one of the bars of the chart and select ‘Format Data Series’. A panel will open up on the right. Click the paint bucket icon and once there, select ‘Fill with image or texture’. Now it’s time to select your image with the ‘Insert’ button and see how it fits in the chart. You’ll probably need to make some adjustments by selecting ‘Series Options’ (the icon with three columns) and play around with the values ‘Series Overlap’ and ‘Gap Width’ until you find the best combination.

4. PDFs in PowerPoint? 🤔

While clearly not its original function, over the years PowerPoint has gradually become more versatile and the file created does not always end up in a presentation. One possible alternative application is as a PDF file, such as those used for text articles, ebooks, and infographics.

To do this, you may want to change the document orientation to a vertical format, which is more in line with the PDF format. Simply go to the ‘Design’ menu, click the ‘Slide size’ icon on the far right-hand side and select ‘Page Setup’. There you will find a number of predefined options to change the width and height of your page, or you can enter the sizes manually by selecting ‘Custom’. A typical size would be A4, the same as a standard sheet of paper. Finally, don’t forget to switch from Landscape to Portrait in the ‘Slide orientation’ section.

crear PDFs desde powerpoint

After that you can work on your document and when you finish simply save the file not as the default option ‘PowerPoint Presentation’ but as a ‘PDF’.

5. Who needs to learn Latin?

We often need to fill in part of a presentation with a random text, either to see how it looks or because we don’t have the final content yet. In such cases, the typical Latin text lorem ipsum that we commonly see is often used. The people at Microsoft realised this a few versions of PowerPoint ago, and now you no longer need to go to a website to find the text and copy and paste it, but can simply generate it automatically by typing the following in a text box:


Upon clicking ‘Enter’, a few lines of text will be generated automatically in Latin.

rellenar huecos en latín en Powepoint

And if for whatever reason Latin doesn’t suit you, another similar option is the following command:


In this case, random paragraphs of text in the language currently selected are generated. However, in either case, be careful not to sign off the presentation without changing the texts to the final ones. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen a document or even a billboard with a lorem ipsum in it!

I hope that from now on you will put into practice these Powepoint Tricks to stand out in your presentations.

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